Saint Seraphim Orthodox Cathedral

Dallas, Texas

Orthodox Church In America (OCA)

Diocese of the South

Our Clergy

Archbishop Alexander

The Most Reverend Alexander

Archbishop of Dallas, the South and the Bulgarian Diocese.

P.O. Box 191109
Dallas, TX 75219

Archimandrite Gerasim

Bishop Gerasim (Eliel), Rector of the Cathedral, Administrator of the Diocese of the South.

(469) 399-7585


Born in 1961 in Torrance, CA, Bishop Gerasim attended the University of California Irvine and later the University of California Santa Cruz. He entered the St Herman of Alaska Monastery in 1981, was tonsured a monk in 1992, ordained to the priesthood in 1995, and elevated as Abbot of the monastery in 2000. He served as Abbot until August 2009, regularly visiting two monasteries in Alaska from 1996 to 2009, and overseeing an Orthodox mission in Guayaquil, Ecuador.

In 2012 he graduated from St Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary magna cum laude, and was elevated as Archimandrite in 2013. Since September 2013 he serves as Dean of St Seraphim Orthodox Cathedral.

On Wednesday, June 30, 2021, His Grace Bishop Gerasim was enthroned as Bishop of Fort Worth by His Eminence Archbishop Alexander.

Besides English and Spanish, Bishop Gerasim speaks fluent Russian language.

Archpriest John Anderson

Archpriest John Anderson, Associate Priest

Born on July 30, 1953, Father John attended Portland State College and received a master of divinity degree from St. Tikhon’s Theological Seminary, South Canaan, Pa., in 1995. He was ordained to the diaconate and priesthood later that year. St. Seraphim’s is his first church assignment as an ordained minister. He and his wife, Lydia, are the parents of two children, Joseph and Mary.

Archpriest Joseph Chaffee

Archpriest Joseph Chaffee, Associate Priest

Archpriest Theophan Warren

Archpriest Theophan Warren, Attached

Archpriest Oleg Kostenko, Attached

Archpriest Oleg Kostenko, Attached

Born in 1982 in Ukraine, Archpriest Oleg attended Kyiv and Pochaev Orthodox Seminaries. He received his degree in Orthodoxy from Pochaev in 2011, followed by his Theological Doctorate (ThDr) degree from the University of Presov (Slovakia) in 2017. In addition to his theological education, he received a Master of Science in Computer Science from Odessa National Polytechnic University in Ukraine in 2005.

Father Oleg was ordained to the diaconate in 2008 and to the priesthood later that year. He was elevated to the dignity of Archpriest in 2015, and awarded the jeweled cross in 2018.

He and his wife Irina and two daughters Angelina and Elizabeth moved to California in 2019, and then to Texas in 2021. He was transferred from the Ukrainian Orthodox Church to the Orthodox Church in America in November 2022 to serve at St Seraphim Orthodox Cathedral.

Father Oleg is fluent in English, Russian, and Ukrainian.

Protodeacon Steven Kroll

Protodeacon Steven Kroll

A native of Texas, Protodeacon Steven graduated from the University of Texas, Arlington. He began attending St. Seraphim Orthodox Cathedral in 1986. He received his catechetical instruction and diaconal formation from the ever-memorable Archbishop Dmitri.
Mr. Kroll served as a subdeacon from 1996-2004, was ordained to the Holy Diaconate in 2004 and elevated to the rank of Protodeacon in 2019.
Protodeacon Steven and his wife Inga (Inna) and are the parents of two adult sons, Johannes and Joachim.

Protodeacon Brendan Doss

Protodeacon Brendan Doss grew up in Nashville, studied in Houston and Erlangen Germany, and lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for four decades.

Building on his Presbyterian roots and his search for deeper Christian praxis, he became an Orthodox Christian in 1988. Ordained to the Diaconate in 2002, he serves in English, Slavonic, and Spanish.

Before moving to Dallas in 2021, most recently he served for fifteen years at Holy Trinity Cathedral in San Francisco and traveling with Archbishop Benjamin. When he is not busy with church and engineering, he enjoys music, wine, and visiting his two adult children and four grandchildren.

Deacon Christopher Anderson

Deacon Christopher Anderson was born in Texas and graduated from Asbury University in 1990 with a Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies.

He began attending St. Seraphim Orthodox Cathedral in 1995. Deacon Christopher graduated from St. Tikhon's Orthodox Theological Seminary in 2005 with a Master of Divinity degree.

In 2018, Christopher married his wife, Andrea. He then was ordained a Subdeacon in 2019 and in 2021 he was ordained as a Deacon.