Saint Seraphim Orthodox Cathedral

Dallas, Texas

Orthodox Church In America (OCA)

Diocese of the South

Live Stream Services in Saint Seraphim Cathedral

Live Stream Services in Saint Seraphim Cathedral

Please use this link to watch the Live stream and recorded services conducted in Saint Seraphim Orthodox Cathedral on Vimeo. Please, use this link if you prefer to watch live stream services on our official Facebook page.

Live Stream Services in Saint Seraphim Cathedral

Service schedule

We warmly invite you to join us for services, inquirer classes and special events.

All our services conducted in English.

For those, who are not yet familiar with Liturgical English, once a month we hear Confession and celebrate Liturgy in Spanish and Church Slavonic.

Normally, we have at least three services during the week. Complete schedule of regular,  Festal and Lenten Services can be viewed in our Calendar here.

Our regular weekly services are:


Divine Liturgy 9:30 AM -followed by coffee and fellowship in the hall


Vespers 6:30 PM


Great Vespers 5:00 PM

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Cathedral Address

4208 Wycliff Avenue

Dallas, TX 75219

Cathedral Offices

4222 Wycliff Avenue

Dallas, TX75219

(469) 399-7585

Cathedral Hall and Bookstore

4112 Throckmorton Avenue

Dallas, TX 75219