Saint Seraphim Orthodox Cathedral

Dallas, Texas

Orthodox Church In America (OCA)

Diocese of the South

Parish guidelines during COVID-19

Dear Parishioners of St Seraphim Cathedral:

In view of the heightened alert regarding the spread of the Covid-19 virus and the Declaration of Local Disaster for Public Health Emergency for Dallas County:

  1. Services will be relegated to Sunday morning Divine Liturgy only and evening Pre-sanctified on Wednesday and Friday.
  2. During this time period we strongly advise parishioners to remain at home during the liturgical services. Priests, chanters, acolytes, and choir members will fulfill the necessary liturgical tasks on behalf of the parish community.
  3. Any parishioner that exhibits symptoms related to the flu or respiratory illness is strongly advised to remain at home. A precise description of symptoms is described here:
  4. Those mainly at-risk of complications (namely, our senior citizens) are strongly advised to absent themselves from services.
  5. Hands should be sanitized upon entry into the narthex; sanitizer will be provided for this purpose.
  6. Icons are to be reverenced with a cross and a bow instead of a kiss.
  7. Refrain from shaking hands and touching, embracing or kissing one another.
  8. Holy Communion will be administered as always: in the usual manner, for the healing of soul and body. As such, and as always, each person’s decision to receive or abstain from communion in any gathering is a matter of conscience and faith. Please do not kiss the chalice after receiving Holy Communion.
  9. During the course of heightened awareness, senior citizens who are in attendance and wish to commune should come to the chalice first.
  10. Blessed bread and wine [zapivka] will not be distributed following Holy Communion until further notice.
  11. Following liturgy, the priest will not provide the cross for veneration, but rather give a blessing with his hand (but not extend his hand for reverence).
  12. All extra-liturgical functions such as Church School and Fellowship/coffee hour will be discontinued until factual evidence demonstrates a verifiable and significant decrease in the spread of the virus.
  13. We will not provide liturgical books for use; parishioners are asked to bring their own copy.
  14. After every service all liturgical objects and surfaces will be thoroughly disinfected.
  15. Confession will take place as necessary by appointment.
  16. As at any other time, if you desire a sick visit or for communion to be brought to you because of illness or infirmity, please contact Archimandrite Gerasim at 214-799-3386 or Archpriest John Anderson at 214-886-3179. They will respond in an orderly manner.