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The Doctrine Of Christ

Archbishop Dmitri



Introduction: What Is Orthodoxy?

Chapter I: The Symbol of the Faith 

Chapter II: Christ in the Holy Scriptures

  • The Son of God
  • The Divine Attributes
  • Christ in the Gospels
  • Christ in the Epistles and in the Apostolic Fathers

Chapter III: Jesus Christ: Son of God, Son of Man 

Chapter IV: The Guardians of the Faith

  • The Divine and the Human in the Birth of Christ
  • Mary, Ever-virgin

Chapter V: God and Man at Once

  • One Person, Two Natures
  • Assuming Human Nature
  • The Fathers and the Two Natures
  • The Uniting of the Two Natures
  • A Permanent Union

Chapter VI:  What This Union Means to Us

  • The Deification of the Human Nature of Christ
  • We Worship Christ as One Person
  • The Two Wills and the Two Energies

Chapter VII: The Object of His Ministry

  • The Work of Christ

Chapter VIII: The Prophetic Ministry of Christ

  • A Biblical Truth
  • Christ's Teachings about Salvation
  • The Prophets of God
  • The Law: Old and New
  • Christ's Work Reveals the New Law

Chapter IX: The Priestly Ministry of Christ

  • Christ Our Sacrifice
  • The Bread of Life
  • The Blood of Christ
  • The Priesthood in Hebrews
  • The Fathers on the Priesthood of Christ
  • Why Christ Was Appointed Priest
  • The Consequences of Redemption
  • Can One Die for Many?
  • Are All Then Saved?

Chapter X: The Royal Ministry of Christ

  • The Servant Who Reigns
  • The Miracles of Christ:  The Priestly Ministry Continues
  • Overruling Death and Hell
  • The Descent to Hell
  • Christ's Mission in Hell
  • The Resurrection
  • The Ascension 

Chapter XI: The Dwelling  Place of God

  • The Royal Ministry of Christ in His – Church
  • The Final Judgment and the Second Coming 


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