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The material contained in this volume appeared as a series of articles in The Dawn, the monthly news­paper of the Diocese of the South. It is now being published in book-form in response to numerous suggestions that this reprinting be done as well as to there having been a large number of orders for back issues of the paper.

The articles are republished here practically in their original form, with a minimum of editing. The repeti­tions and brief summaries at the beginning of sections, often needed in serial publications for the sake of conti­nuity, have not been omitted. Perhaps a more thorough editing would have produced a more coherent text, but we have decided not to alter the material, and for this we beg the indulgence of the reader.

The purpose of the articles was simply to present to the average reader and church member a fairly detailed summary of the Church's teaching about Jesus Christ. We felt that such a summary was needed, since so many of the popular books on the doctrine of the Orthodox Church devote relatively few pages to the Christology, that part of theology which deals with the Person and Work of the Saviour. The hope of the author and the present publishers is that this little volume may fill the need for those who wish to know more about the One who has accomplished the work of reconciling God and man in Himself.  It is not sufficient for the average member of   the Church merely to comply with a set of requirements and obligations.  God wills that "all be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth." (I Tm. 2:4) Jesus Christ is "the way, the truth, and the life." (Jn. 14:6) To know Him, to follow Him, and to give oneself wholly to Him, one must know who He is and what He has done for the human race.

The material presented here can make no claim to originality. It has simply been taken from the Scriptures, the dogmatic writings of the Holy Fathers, and from some theological textbooks. The only thing which belongs to the author is the way in which he has chosen to string together and to interrelate the inspired teachings of the Church.

If this volume should succeed in helping some to confirm their faith, to clarify some points of doctrine, and to convince some of the truth, the publishers will be thankful to the Lord, in whose name it is offered and to whose glory it is dedicated.

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